Kate catches Prince Harry’s girl friend flirting on social media

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Meghan caught flirting with English actor, singer Max Beesley

Kate Middleton is now in good terms with Queen Elizabeth after she reportedly caught Meghan Markle cheating on Prince Harry with Max Beesley and saved him from another heartbreak.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Kate Middleton was furious after finding out that Meghan Markle was cheating on her brother in law with Max Beesley. According to reports, the “Suits” Season 6 actress and the English actor and musician were flirting via social media.

Rumour has it that Prince Harry’s girlfriend has begun flirting with Max Beesley after the ” Homeland” actor posted an old photo of them.

The ‘Suits’ actress reportedly flirted with her former co-star Max Beesley on Twitter, leaving many people wondering what is exactly going on between them. The two exchanged plenty of messages online as well, with Meghan clearly flirting with the British actor.

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Apparently, Kate Middleton was appalled with Meghan Markle’s behaviour. The Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t believe that Prince Harry’s girlfriend openly flirted with another man on social media while her boyfriend is currently on tour in the Caribbean.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge love Prince Harry and want only the best for him, Kate Middleton reportedly reported Meghan Markle’s behaviour to Queen Elizabeth. Since Her Majesty wants for Prince Harry to settle with a woman who will take her relationship with him seriously and not use him solely for publicity.

Queen Elizabeth wasn’t pleased when she learned that Meghan is the kind of girl that flirts with married men on social media behind Prince Harry’s back.

So, Her Majesty was reportedly impressed after Kate Middleton showed care to Prince Harry despite the rumours that are circling around that the two of them aren’t in good terms.

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Of course, this immediately sparked rumours that Queen Elizabeth could now consider the wife of Prince William to inherit the Crown.

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