Kate Garraway hopes her husband can promote their docu-film

TV show host Kate Garraway hopes her husband, author Derek Draper, is well enough to promote their documentary, “Finding Derek”, together.

Garraway began filming in August and has to promote it this month. Draper was admitted to the hospital after getting infected with Covid last March. He is still in ICU, battling with the after-effects of the disease.

“It’s a moment, I think it’s a moment for everybody isn’t it, when you suddenly realise it’s been a year, that we have all been living with this. This is something I began making back in August, obviously back then, rather hoping Derek and I would be chatting with you together, and that more recovery would be possible, but that has not been the case,” Garraway said, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

The documentary is about how her family has dealt with Covid as well as how the disease continues to impact people much after they recover.