Kate Garraway’s daughter asked if she’d kill herself as her husband battled Covid

Television personality Kate Garraway recalls her daughter asking her if she would kill herself when her husband Derek Draper was battling Covid in the hospital.

Draper was infected with Covid last year and fought the disease as well as related problems for a year in the hospital. He is still fighting the aftereffects of the disease and is now in 24-hour care at home.

“They (the kids) were at times wondering if I was going to be okay, was I going to be able to keep going. Darcey at one point actually said, ‘mum, are you going to kill yourself?’ Out of the blue. The thing is, that sounds horrific, obviously. But if you know Darcey, she’s really blunt. She will always go to the most awful thing you can imagine and work her way back,” Garraway recalls, according to femalefirst.co.uk.

She adds: “She just came out with the sentence, and I said, ‘oh my God, no. Why would you think that?’ She said, ‘I wasn’t, but I just thought I better check.’ And I said, ‘If anything it’s the absolute opposite. I can’t imagine what would be more opposite. I’m so scared you thought of that.”

She said that the kids have been very supportive and have been helping her deal with the situation in her own way.

“I don’t think I realised how much they were taking care of me quite a lot along the way,” she said.