Kavita Kaushik shares asana to counter laptop and phone strains


Actress Kavita Kaushik has posted a picture of the chakrasana, an asana that helps the body get “back in shape” after spending hours on the laptop or the phone.

In the picture, Kavita performs the asana, doing a complete backward bend.

“Yes it’s my favorite yogasan, the complete backward bend, where your body opens up outwards forming a circle like U shape, we are always on our phones or laptops or maintain a posture while working/cooking etc which makes the spine curve and body shape inwards, chakrasan helps to bring the body back into it’s perfect shape opening up internal organs , filling our lungs and all others organs too with fresh oxygen, it’s a great work out for your overall body, No matter where I am even if I’m unable to do my entire practice routine , i perform this aasan and feel like a newly bloomed flower,” she wrote alongside the image.

The “F.I.R.” actress was last seen on the TV show “Bigg Boss 14”. She walked out of the show days ahead of the first finale. This was after she was eliminated once before, just a week after she came in.