KCR making false claims about paddy procurement, VAT on fuel: Telangana BJP chief


A day after Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao slammed the BJP over paddy cultivation, VAT on fuel prices and other issues, BJP president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Monday hit back at him for, reportedly, uttering lies.

Alleging that KCR was spreading falsehood, Sanjay Kumar disputed the former’s claims over paddy procurement, extent of paddy cultivation and farm loan waiver.

Demanding KCR’s resignation and his apology to the nation, Sanjay Kumar also alleged that KCR made certain comments supporting China and demoralised our soldiers on the Indo-China border.

Addressing a news conference, he challenged the chief minister to come out with details of farm loan waiver. He also claimed that farmers in the KCR’s home district, Siddipet, were committing suicides.

“KCR should specify what he did for farmers in seven years,” he said. He alleged that the chief minister was creating more problems for farmers by preventing them from growing paddy and cotton.

According to Sanjay Kumar, KCR also lied about the Centre refusing to procure paddy. He said: “The Food Corporation of India (FCI) wrote to the state government that paddy will be procured between October 21 and January 21.”

He also asked KCR to show evidence that farmers cultivated paddy on 62 lakh acres in the state.

While lashing out at Telangana BJP, regarding paddy procurement issue, KCR had said: “Delhi BJP says it will not procure Rabi rice from Telangana and the silly BJP here says it will force the state government to procure all the Rabi rice.”

Sanjay demanded that Telangana government reduce VAT rates on fuel as many states have done after the Centre cut excise duty on Diwali. He said: “The Telangana government raised VAT on fuel by 5 per cent in 2015.”

“Telangana has the second highest VAT rate on fuel after Rajasthan. For every liter of petrol, the Centre gets Rs. 27 while the State gets Rs. 28. And from Rs. 27 which the Centre gets, the State receives Rs. 12,” he added.

Sanjay also slammed the chief minister for using objectionable language while criticizing the Opposition.

This came after KCR warned Sanjay and other leaders on Sunday that he would take legal action against those who use abusive language and cross the line of decency.