Kejriwal calls political opponent ‘progeny of Kans’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, in an attempt to woo Hindu voters in Gujarat, called himself a big devotee of Lord Hanuman and also mentioned that he was born on Janmashtami.

Attacking political opponents, the AAP leader claimed, “As my Gujarat tour was scheduled, BJP overnight put up posters and hoardings against me. Those who put up these hoardings and posters are so blind in hatred that they have not even left gods. God is with me, people are with me. People want to bring change, so political opponents are frightened of me.”

“These all are progeny of ‘Kans’, they are insulting god, they are insulting devotees; they are indulged in goonism, they beat innocent people. I want to tell them that god has sent me on earth to free people of Gujarat from the clutches of goons and corrupt people,” he said.

Slamming the Congress, he said that the Congress party is in coma. “Congress and BJP are working hand in glove, these people have tested your patiences a lot, now you need to throw them out of power, earlier you did not have an option, now you have an option, explore it.”




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