Kejriwal vows law for reservation of 80% pvt jobs for Goans (Ld)


Aam Aadmi Party convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday in a major poll promise, announced 80 per cent reservation in private jobs for Goan youth, while assuring allowances to the tune of Rs 3,000 for an unemployed youth in a family and Rs 5,000 for households, whose members have lost jobs in the mining and the tourism sector.

Addressing a press conference in Mapusa town in North Goa, Kejriwal also announced the setting up of a Skill University, which the Delhi Chief Minister said would help youth get trained in job-oriented skills, while also announcing a mechanism for ensuring transparency in government recruitment.

“We will arrange employment for one unemployed youth in every home in Goa. Until the youth does not get employment, Rs 3,000 per month will be paid as unemployment allowance,” Kejriwal said.

“Due to corona, the tourism sector has faced losses. Tourism dependent families are unemployed. Until employment is not restored to them, such families will get Rs 5,000 per month. Mining dependent families, people are also facing hardships. Until mines start, every mining family will be given Rs 5,000 per month,” Kejriwal also said.

“80 per cent jobs will be reserved for Goan youth. Government jobs are reserved for Goans with 15 years domicile and knowledge of Konkani. Private jobs are currently not reserved for Goans. We will bring a law which will reserve 80 per cent jobs for Goan youth,” Kejriwal said.

Goa is headed for state assembly polls in early 2022. The promises in the employment sector are the second set of major promises made by Kejriwal, after announcing free electricity to the tune of 300 units for domestic consumers in Goa.

Kejriwal also said that the AAP had made elaborate plans for Goa, a state which he said, despite being blessed by natural bounty, was repeatedly led down by politicians.

“Corona has made people unemployed, people have gone bankrupt. For many years, Goa had not had mining. There is unemployment on that front too. Many youngsters are therefore forced to leave Goa. We have to create job opportunities in Goa. You need an honest government with good intentions,” Kejriwal said.

The Delhi Chief Minister also said that if the AAP government comes to power in the state, it would start a Skill University on the lines of the one started in Delhi, which would equip youth with job oriented courses.

“The Government of Goa has said that 50 per cent of the Goan youth is unemployed because they do not have requisite skills. Who will give them skills, the government has to prepare them and ensure youth get jobs,” the Aam Aadmi Party national convenor said.

“We will start a Skill University on the lines of the new university in Delhi. You will say where will jobs come from? We will start schools, hospitals, village clinics, we will repair roads, we will start door-step delivery. This needs manpower. We will employ this manpower in government. We will start mining again,” Kejriwal also said.