Kentucky floods death toll rises to 37

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said that the death toll from the devastating floods in the US state has increased to 37.

“We are ending the day with more heartbreaking news out of eastern Kentucky. We can confirm the death toll has now risen to 37, with so many more still missing,” Beshear said in a tweeted on Monday.

The Governor went on to warn residents of the hard-hit eastern Kentucky region that “a series of complex storms” would be moving through the area with the greatest threat overnight, the dpa news agency reported.

“The biggest concern is overnight flooding,” he said, advising residents in areas that have suffered flooding to seek shelter on higher ground.

Authorities said it could be weeks before all the victims are found and that it was unclear how many people were missing since there is no mobile reception in large parts of the disaster zone.

Flash floods and landslides followed heavy rains in Kentucky and in the neighbouring states of Virginia and West Virginia.

Many people were surprised by the floods on the night of July 28.

President Joe Biden approved a request for a major disaster declaration in Kentucky, unlocking federal funding to aid the recovery efforts.

In December 2021, more than 70 people died amid devastating tornadoes in the state.




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