Friday, July 12, 2024

Kerala a ‘heaven’ for retired top All India Services officials

The ground rule in Kerala for All India Services officials is never rub the political bosses the wrong way as the state is a “heaven for re-employment”, sources said.

A quick look into the list of re-employed IAS, IPS and IFS officials reveal that there are around 24 of them enjoying the fruits of their “being in the good books of those who matter”, the sources said.

Such officials make sure that they play their cards well as in the state the traditional rival political fronts alternate in the seat of power every election.

“Those in the good books of those who matter retained office, while the others were left flabbergasted,” a media critic said.

Among the list of those who currently are continuing their extended official career include six former Chief Secretaries, one State Police chief, one Forest Serviceofficials and rest all retired senior IAS officials in plum posts.

Three of these officials hail from outside Kerala and with an extended career, they continue to be permanent residents inGod’s own Country.

A media critic on condition of anonymity said this has been a practice for long and the basic condition of re-employment first and foremost is the loyalty these officials kept with those who matter.

“By and large most of these officials do their best to ensure they are not identified with one particular political front . However the problem is when plum posts are given to retired officials, there can be an issue as it diminishes the opportunities of serving officials to get the much needed exposure in key posts,” said the critic.

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