Kerala actress assault case: I will continue my journey to see justice prevail, says victim


Stating that the journey from being a victim to becoming a survivor hadn’t been easy, the Kerala actress on Monday said that she would continue this journey to see justice prevail and to make sure no one else went through such an ordeal again.

The victim, whose post was shared on social media by a number of celebrities from the Malayalam film industry, said, “This has not been an easy journey. The journey from being a victim to becoming a survivor.

“For five years now, my name and my identity have been suppressed under the weight of the assault inflicted on me.

“Though I am not the one who has committed the crime, there have been many attempts to humiliate, silence and isolate me. But at such times, I have had some who stepped forward to keep my voice alive. Now, when I hear so many voices speak up for me, I know that I am not alone in this fight for justice.

“To see justice prevail, to get wrongedoers punished and to ensure no one else goes through such an ordeal again, I shall continue this journey. For all those who are standing with me – a heartfelt thank you for your love.”

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Kerala police registered a fresh non-bailable case against Malayalam actor Dileep.



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