Kerala announces compensation if delay in crediting MGNREGA wages

In a move which is expected to bring cheer to many, Local Self Government Minister M.B.Rajesh on Friday announced that a compensation will be made if there is delay in crediting the wages given to MGNREGA workers.

The compensation will be taken from the State Employment Guarantee Fund and later it will be collected from the erring officials, if it’s found out that the delay was caused due to their inefficiency.

The Minister informed that wages should be credited within 15 days after the work is finished and if that does not happen, then from the 16th day, a compensation of 0.05 per cent will be credited till the amount is cleared.

Rajesh pointed out that within two days after one work is completed by the workers the information should be put into the management information system and within five working days all the verification should be completed.

Finally, after two days, arrangements should be made to transfer the money to the worker.

The district programme coordinator has been given the task of ensuring that things fall in place and payments are made on time.




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