Kerala CM rolls out Knowledge Mission


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday launched the Knowledge Mission which is expected to transform the state to a knowledge economy.

The first-of-its-kind massive digital platform is expected to create 20 lakh jobs in next five years by connecting trained youth with global job market and leading private sector enterprises.

Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC), a strategic think tank and advisory body set up by the state government, is spearheading the mission.

The mission will promote innovative ideas, coordinate knowledge initiatives and equip young people with updated skills.

At the heart of the initiative is a comprehensive digital platform for educated youngsters which helps them up skill, enhance knowledge and empower to face the challenges of ever-changing job market.

“This digital platform will create a great opportunity for those who take a break from work and jobless to connect with global employers. They can up skill and earn more knowledge preferred by the employers. This will create at least three lakh jobs in a year and Kerala government also will provide benefits such as insurance and loan assistance for the entrepreneurs through this platform,” said Vijayan.

The digital platform was developed in collaboration with the Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (formerly IIITM-K). The platform will provide timely and professional training in diverse and most demanding areas such as data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, full stack development, cyber security, digital content creation, media, synthetic biology, genetic engineering, and agricultural consulting.