Kerala CPI-M MLA complains after breakfast cost him Rs 184


CPI-M legislator and trade union leader P.P. Chitharanjan said he was shocked to get a hefty bill from a local restaurant at his home district-Alappuzha where he had breakfast.

“All I had was five appom and an egg curry (Rs 100) which had two eggs and some gravy and the bill came to Rs 184. I was shocked and I asked if there was a mistake in his bill. When the answer came that the bill was correct, I decided to register a complaint and did it with the Alappuzha district collector,” said Chitharanjan, who represents the Alappuzha assembly constituency.

“The appom was so thin that if a fan is put it might just fly off. How much does an egg cost, may be Rs 4 or Rs 4.50 and a kilogram of onion costs Rs 15 and see the bill I got. For me an extra Rs 10 might not matter, but that’s not the case with many others,” added the legislator.

He went on to add that there was no air condition either.

On Saturday, the complaint that he had given appeared to have effect and Food Safety officials swooped down in the locality and went around the restaurants and found out that some hotels had no price list of what they serve.

Later the authorities decided that hotels and restaurants will be classified based on their facilities and there will be a uniform price list.

Many restaurants and eateries are finding it tough as the cost of cooking gas has skyrocketed and not to mention of price of vegetables and other essential commodities.



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