Kerala CPI-M warms up to Indian Union Muslim League yet again

Time and again, the CPI-M’s Kerala unit warms up towards the Indian Union Muslim League, the second biggest constituent of the Congress-led United Democratic Front and on Friday, state CPI-M Secretary M.V. Govindan renewed the pitch.

The last time this outreach happened was two decades back when present Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was the state Secretary and E.K. Nayanar was the Chief Minister.

But this move by the two then powerful party men was checkmated by now ailing veteran Communist V.S. Achuthanandan whose position against caste and communal outfits was known to all and argued that any move to have truck with the IUML will affect their secular credentials.

On Friday after the routine high-level party committee meeting, Govindan remarked that they have never said that the IUML is a communal party.

“They are a party which functions democratically and we have never said that they are a communal party. We will join hands with any who are working against communalism and that should not be seen as a political alliance,” he said, noting that there are no permanent friends or foes in politics.

Ever since Vijayan led the Left to a stunning victory at the 2021 April assembly polls to retain power, the IUML has been jittery, as it is the first time in several decades that they are sitting in the opposition for a second consecutive term.

Moreover with the Congress in Kerala blowing hot and cold after a change of guard following the return of Vijayan for a second term, is another reason for the IUML to feel uncomfortable and with Govindan dropping clear hints, all eyes are on the IUML, if they will bite the bait.




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