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Kerala CPI(M), CPI lock horns over land grabbing in Idukki

At times the Kerala unit of the ruling CPI(M) and its second-largest ally the CPI take potshots at each other. On Monday, after a long truce, the latter came out strongly against the former over the issue of land grabbing in the hill district of Idukki.

Trouble has been brewing in Idukki and the state government recently made it clear that a special team would arrive in the district to look into reports of land grabbing.

On Monday, former CPI Idukki district secretary, KK Sivaraman took to Facebook and said that each time an attempt by authorities to evict illegal landholders is announced “some people” get restless and violent threats of dismemberment are made.

“Instead of doing that (dismemberment), which takes time, it would be better to slash their heads. Thousands of acres of land in the district is in the hands of the mafia who is selling it in bits and pieces. The authorities know about it but they keep their eyes shut.

“The authorities should take over this land and hand it over to the poor and the landless, especially the estate labourers in the district,” said Sivaraman.

Incidentally, the powerful CPI(M) legislator from the district, MM Mani, known for his razor-sharp tongue, has time and again warned anyone trying to drive people out from Idukki of dire consequences.

However, State Revenue Minister K Rajan soon after announcing the setting up of a special team, tried to cool tempers by saying that a “special team doesn’t mean that the team will be coming with heavy earth moving equipment and such things.”

Incidentally during his tenure, VS Achuthanandan (2006-11) created a scare in the district when a three- member high-level special delegation arrived with heavy earth moving equipment and demolished illegal construction. However, it suddenly came to a halt when the then CPI(M) state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan spoke out against it.



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