Kerala doctor suspended after sting operation reveals he took bribe for issuing health card

A doctor attached to state-run General Hospital here was suspended after a sting operation by a news channel on Thursday showed that he issued two health cards without even examining the people who had applied for it.

The doctor allegedly also took Rs 300 as bribe for issuing a health card.

Amit Kumar, who is the assistant surgeon, was seen in the sting video filling up the health card without even looking up to the applicants, nor was any medical examination done.

The scheme of health cards to all those who work in hotels and restaurants was recently introduced by state’s Health Minister Veena George, a journalist-turned-politician.

And she had gone gaga over this new rule.

The introduction of health card was initiated because a few deaths were reported due to eating at some food outlets in the state in the past few months.

The sting operation showed two people approaching a Class IV employee at the hospital, seeking to get health cards.

Soon, the employee takes them to Amit Kumar who was about to drive away in his car.

The doctor then goes into a room and starts filling up the certificate of fitness without even following any normal health practices. He is also heard saying the rate for this certificate is Rs 300 per person.

In a flash, the doctor gives the certificate and collects the cash.

With the visuals becoming news and the state assembly in session, Leader of Opposition V.D.Satheesan also joined issue and slammed the way things are happening when an important certificate is being given like this.

According to the rules, the certifying medical doctor has to have a detailed check that the applicant has no communicable disease or any skin ailments.

George later said they are planning to issue a digital card for which the process has begun.




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