Kerala doctors save 2-year-old kid who swallowed TV remote battery

Doctors at a private hospital in the capital city outskirts after a careful medical intervention successfully took out a battery and saved the life of a two-year-old boy.

Speaking to IANS, gastroenterologist Jayakumar from the NIMS Hospital here, said it was because of the timely intervention that they were able to remove the battery from the stomach through endoscopy.

“The child, Rishikesh, was brought here after his parents first took him to a local hospital near their house. When we heard what happened, we immediately alerted the operation theatre and gave anaesthesia to the kid. In about 20 minutes the battery was taken out from his stomach. Had it got deposited elsewhere, then things would have become very difficult.

“The kid is now hale and hearty,” said Jayakumar, who was assisted by his team which included Nihar.

The five-centimeter-long and one-and-a-half centimeter wide battery used in a TV remote was swallowed by the child while playing with it.




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