Kerala HC slams engineers for shoddy condition of roads


The Kerala High Court on Thursday slammed the work of engineers concerned as it heard a petition on the poor condition of roads in Kochi.

Justice Devan Ramachandran said if the engineers do not know how to make good roads, they should resign and go.

He also warned that if things are like this those who are in charge of roads will be made accountable and cases would be registered against them.

The roads in and around the commercial capital of the state are in a very bad condition and this irked the court, which pointed out that if those responsible for making good roads are incapable, there are lots of people waiting outside seeking a job.

It then asked the state government counsel to come with a detailed report on the repairs and maintenance being undertaken on the roads in the state.

For long, there has been huge ire against the condition of roads in the state as the quality of the repairs and maintenance work is poor and there is quick deterioration in their condition.


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