Kerala HC upholds Centre’s ban on Malayalam news channel MediaOne

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday upheld the decision of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to revoke the licence of Malayalam news channel MediaOne- Madhyamam Broadcasting Limited.

Passing the orders Justice A.N. Nagaresh said he has gone through the files.

“I find that the ministry has called for report from various intelligence agencies. Based on those inputs, it was found that security clearance should not be renewed. There are inputs which justify the decision. Therefore, I am dismissing the petition,” said the judge.

Following the judgement by a single bench, the channel authorities sought two days’ time to file a review petition in the Division bench, which was denied.

The TV channel, however, has decided to go ahead with the appeal.

The channel was taken off air on January 31 following which it approached the High Court, which decided to defer the Ministry’s order and extended it. This morning, it dismissed the channel’s arguements.

But the TV channel’ counsel told the court that the national security cannot be a reason to cancel the license without prior notice.

Earlier, the court had insisted that the reason for revoking the license should be revealed and the files regarding the case to be produced before it and posted the case for Monday.

It passed the order this morning.




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