Kerala in mini lockdown mode

After 26,685 fresh Covid-19 cases were recorded in Kerala on Saturday, the state government on Sunday decided to continue the tough measures to contain the infections in the state.

Relaxations are provided only for essential services and public transport with restrictions being effected and the police have registered cases against 5,371 people for having violated the Covid protocols.

A total of 36 vehicles were seized and 984 people were arrested on Saturday. Cases were registered against 22,703 people for not wearing masks and against two for having violated quarantine.

The state goverenment received an amount of Rs 62,91,900 as fine under various categories of Covid violations. Hotels and Restaurants are allowed only takeaways and private buses are not seen plying while state road transport corporation buses are in service. However very few people are in the streets.

The Police have made it clear that people will be allowed to move out only for essential services and no other movement will be allowed. Shops serving essential commodities will be allowed to function with restrictions.