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Kerala minor kidnapping: Five days after incident, three accused in custody

After five days of intense probe, the Kerala Police on Friday took three people, believed to be the suspects in the kidnapping of the 6-year old girl near Kollam on Monday, into custody from near Tenkasi in Tamil Nadu.

According to police sources, the three taken into custody includes two men and a woman who also hail from near Kollam and it is suspected that there were more people behind the kidnapping.

There were also that the three belong to the same family but official confirmation is awaited.

The police have also seized two cars and an auto rickshaw into custody, believed to be used in the crime.

The three have now been brought to a police camp at Adoor and the questioning has begun.

Meanwhile, sources points out that the motive behind this kidnapping is some financial dealing with the kidnapped girl’s father which went awry.

On Friday morning, a three member police probe arrived at the house of the girl and took statements from her father and mother.

The girl, along with her 8 year-old brother, was returning from tuition centre on Monday when she was kidnapped by a gang, travelling in a white car, after pushing her brother away.

On Tuesday, a woman left the minor girl at a ground in Kollam. Later after two days of being under medical observation, she was taken to a magistrate where her statement was recorded and returned to her home.

The kidnappers had asked for a ransom of Rs 5 lakh which was then raised it to Rs 10 lakh.



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