Kerala Police in the dark, unable to ravel ‘bomb’ attack at CPI-M headquarters


Kerala police, which is probing the ‘bomb’ attack at the CPI(M) headquarters is still in the dark even after 24 days of the incident and is on the verge of closing the case.

The incident occurred on June 30 midnight and after shortwhile, the Left Democratic Front convener and top notch CPI-M leader E.P. Jayarajan had blamed Congress workers for the attack.

Responding to Jyarajan, State Congress president K. Sudhakaran, who hails from the CPI-M bastion of Kannur and is not having good terms with leaders like Jayarajan and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan (both hailing from Kannur), hit back alleging that only if Jayarajan is questioned, the real culprits behind this ‘attack’ will come out.

Sudhakaran alleged that the CPI-M is known for trying to deviate issues, when they are caught on the back foot.

Mocking CPI(M), Kannur leader and former State Health Minister P.K. Sreemathi said she was nearly rocked off her chair because of the impact of the ‘bomb’ attack and this became the butt of jokes on the social media.

Sudhakaran went a step further and said cracker was hurled at the CPI (M) headquarters and not a bomb.

Sudhakaran’s statement was soon endorsed when scientific reports also came, saying it was a cracker.

What caused more trouble for the CPI-M was this attack took place a few days after the Students Federation of India activists vandalised the office of Wayanad Lok Sabha MP Rahul Gandhi.

The attack on the CPI-M headquarters issue was taken up by the Congress-led opposition in the floor of the assembly on July 4 where in they went hammer and tongs against the Vijayan government and “the way the law and order situation in the state have deteriorated” .

The Kerala Police has tried even the scientific route, but the CCTV visuals which they have got are not very clear and they have not been able to work forward on these visuals, where a person, who arrives on a two-wheeler is seen hurling something towards the party headquarters.

“We do not want to just come out with some culprit. The police will definitely bring the real culprit to book and that’s why there has been a delay. We will also examine if there was any lapse on the part of the police,” Chief Minister Vijayan had told the Assembly.

And now with the assembly session also coming to a close on Thursday, the Police are also mulling the closure of the case, leaving the Congress smiling, which continues to stick on Sudhakaran’s statement- “question Jayarajan to find the real culprit”.



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