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Kerala Police issue summons to NRI businessman

The Kerala police has issued summoned to the UK-resident Malayali businessman, who had staged a protest alleging harassment by Manjoor Village council officials even after spending Rs 25 crore for setting up a state-of-the-art sports complex in his hometown Kottayam, asking him to appear before them at the earliest.

A harassed Shajimon George on November 7 began a protest before the local village council alleging “indifferent treatment” and delay in providing the necessary permits to open the complex in Kerala.

His protest and battle with the Manjoor Village council officials got huge media attention forcing the council members to give in.

George returned to the UK on November 18. “On the 17th, I went to the local police station and informed them that I am returning and that I have no other option but to stage a protest,” said George over phone to the media on Saturday.

“Yesterday, early in the morning (UK time), I got a call from the local police official in my home town informing about the case against me and that I have to appear before them at the earliest. I was told that the case was registered on November 7, the day I protested on the premises of the village council. What’s strange is even when I showed the courtesy to go the police station to tell them, the police officials did not inform me about the case and had it been said, I would have given my statement for the same,” added a peeved George.

“All I can say is that the police and the politicians should behave in a certain way. But they always act in a vindictive manner. What must be noted is that, I gave in writing to the council that I will be staging a protest on the premises and they accepted my letter and hence I conducted the protest inside the premises. Later, the police came and forcibly lifted me and placed me outside the office,” said George.

He is deciding on the next course of action, the NRI added.

George, who has been living in the UK for the last 25 years had decided to open a sports complex in his village which was officially inaugurated by two State Ministers virtually.

However, it could not be opened to the public as the Manjoor Village council had not given the building number and had been demanding 36 certificates from the NRI to enable opening of the complex.

After his daylong protest, things had got sorted but now he has been put under duress again.



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