Kerala Police probing recovery of haul of live bullets in Kozhikode

Police in Kerala’s Kozhikode has begun a comprehensive probe into how 266 live bullets were found from an uninhabited piece of land near the Nellikode by-pass road, officials said on Wednesday.

According to the experts, the recovered bullets are used in .22 rifles which are normally possessed by rifle clubs and the police who use it mainly as a training gun.

Police said that it was on Monday when a team of professionals, who were measuring a piece of land, near the unihabitated land, found a few bullet-like articles in the latter area.

Initially, they thought it might be beads used in making metal jewellery, but a Motor Transport official who was also present correctly identified them as bullets.

The local police were informed. On Tuesday, when a detailed inspection was done by the bomb squad, they found a packet and opened it to find about 255 bullets.

During further search, they recovered a target used by Rifle Clubs and it was found out that only one bullet was fired.

Preliminary finding of the police probe team hints that the bullets might have been abandoned by someone. City Police Commissioner A. Akbar is however leaving nothing to chance and has launched a probe.




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