Kerala Police to impart arms training to licensees

In a first, the Kerala Police will impart training on

handling firearms to those who either have a valid arms license or have applied for it.

Hitherto, the training was provided only to police officials who are eligible to be trained in the use of firearms.

The training would be imparted on a payment of a fee which begins from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 in the various Police Training Academies in the state.

Kerala Police State Police chief Anil Kant has come out with the order and according to sources, the police decided to act after the Kerala High Court asked for it.

A petition had come before the court which said at present there is no scope for training on how to use firearms and the only place where this could be now undertaken is at the few Rifle Clubs in the state, but in such places training is only given to guns which use pellets.

It was after the court asked the Police department, that the state police chief acted.

Among the other conditions, the person who has a valid arms license or has applied for it has to be cleared medically fit.

Former top police official George Joseph welcomed the new order calling it a much-needed step.

“Earlier, there were very few options for people who wanted a gun for their needs. Today there are various types of arms and training is very essential,” said Joseph.

According to the rules, anyone who wishes to own a gun can apply to their district authorities and after a very detailed scrutiny a decision is taken.

The licensees have to renew their license at fixed time intervals and produce before the local police officials, whenever they call for it and whenever the police demands, the firearm has to be deposited in their respective police stations.




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