Kerala to send ailing septuagenarian US national back home

The Kerala government is in the process of sending a 77-year-old incapacitated US national back home after he was found in a “pitiable” condition in a Kovalam resort.

According to sources, Irvin Fox was literally being “eaten” by ants with maggots and worms crawling all over him.

On being alerted on Monday, officials reached the resort and moved him to a private hospital where he undergoing treatment.

Fox had arrived at the famed beach destination almost a year back and suffered a fall.

After being discharged from a private hospital months back, he was recuperating at a private resort at Kovalam. Trouble began when his companion left, leaving an incapacitated Fox alone.

The authorities received an anonymous telephone call about his pitiable condition following which local police along with health officials reached the resort and were “appalled” to see his plight.

Soon the authorities swung into action and admitted moved him to a private hospital for abscess and bedsores.

“Overall he appears to be normal, but is a bit disoriented,” said a doctor attending on him.

Meanwhile, the Foreign registration officer of the Kerala Police has briefed the US Consulate office at Chennai and are awaiting their response on sending Fox back home.



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