Kerala to test 3 lakh people for Covid in next two days


With Covid striking hard in Kerala, the authorities have decided to hold a second round of mass testing which will extend over two days starting Wednesday and is expected to cover around three lakh people.

Incidentally this is the second round of mass testing, as the previous one took place on last Friday and Saturday when 2.30 lakh people underwent test.

Consequent to the mass testing the total number of positive case climbed to an all time high of crossing the one lakh mark as on Monday it reached 1,03,004 active cases, even as the test results of the mass campaign is still pending.

The Congress-led opposition in Kerala has been demanding for long to ensure that the number of daily tests be increased.

With things going out of hand, the Kerala government has introduced a night curfew starting from Tuesday when people are asked not to venture out between 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., for the next two weeks.

State Police chief Loknath Behra advised all to adhere to the rules and remain indoors during the period of night curfew.

“However those who need to buy medicines or to seek medical attention can go for it. Also with the fasting month of Ramadan now taking place, relaxation for that will be allowed,” said Behra.

Meanwhile, across the state at numerous vaccine centres, people were seen crowding on Tuesday to get their jab.

At several places large queues of people were seen and at a few places people were jostling to get into the queue.

According to authorities there is a stock of less than 5 lakh doses of vaccine and if fresh supplies do not arrive, things can reach a dead end.