Kerala’s famous snake catcher Vava Suresh discharged from hospital


Kerala’s famous snake catcher Vava Suresh was, on Monday, discharged from Kottayam Medical College hospital after battling for life due to snake bite.

Speaking to the media he termed it “second phase of life” and expressed his gratitude to his well wishers and the medical professionals.

“I will continue with snake catching as that’s been my profession and my passion. I am extremely thankful to State Minister for Cooperation V.N.Vasavan whose vehicle acted as my pilot vehicle when I was shifted from a private hospital to the Kottayam Medical College hospital. I am grateful to all for my second life,” said Suresh.

Suresh was bitten by a more than six-feet-long cobra while trying to rescue it.

Even though he was bitten and the cobra got away, he caught it again, packed it and asked the people to rush him to the nearest hospital and suffered a cardiac arrest on the way.

After being administered anti-venom, he was shifted to the state-run Kottayam Medical College hospital and was put on ventilator for a few days and then his condition improved and was discharged.

Forty-eight-year-old Suresh, in a career spanning over two decades, has caught more than 50,000 snakes, which includes more than 200 King cobras. And in the process he has suffered close to 300 snake bites.

In the past, he has survived almost half-a-dozen lethal bites after spending a lot of time at various hospitals.

The state government took care of his entire treatment.



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