Kevin Macdonald to direct ‘The Iceman’ starring Joseph Fiennes


BAFTA and Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald will helm ‘The Iceman’, which will star Joseph Fiennes as the larger-than-life extreme athlete Wim Hof.

The pic reunites producer Debbie Gray, who is producing alongside Fiennes, with sales agent Cornerstone Films following their recent collaboration Good Luck to You, Leo Grande,

The two companies are also partners in The Reset Collective, the Australian production and distribution company that launched 2020.

Kevin Macdonald said; “Wim is someone who has suffered a terrible trauma – the loss of his wife – and finds an entirely new way to deal with the depression that comes with that experience.”

“Jeff Pope has written a brilliant script – full of humour and humanity and emotions. In it, we are introduced to the Dutch suburbs – a world of crazy stunts, a broken family, a love affair and an epiphany. This is a film about resilience, second chances and the amazing ability of the human body and mind to heal.”

‘The Iceman’ will start shooting in November 2022. Hof, a widower working as a postman and struggling to support his four children, turned to the cold to find peace and strength. Soon, his radical techniques drew worldwide attention.



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