Khushwant Walia lauds child actors on Children’s Day: ‘Their passion is truly amazing’

On the occasion of Children’s Day, actor Khushwant Walia shared about his fondest childhood memory, and gave a shout out to all the budding child actors, saying their passion is truly amazing, and it shines through on screen.

The actor is currently seen as Dr Neeraj in the show ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’.

Talking about his Children’s Day memory, Khushwant said: “My fondest memory takes me back to the first time I ever stepped onto a stage. It was a school performance, and we had to dress up like a national leader, I was dressed as Bhagat Singh, while my friend donned the role of Mahatma Gandhi. It was fun.”

The ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ fame actor further said: “To all the budding child actors out there, I want to say that your passion is truly amazing, and it shines through on screen. However, amid your fantastic work, remember not to compromise on your studies. Stay away from social media until a certain age; it can be a bit of a delusion.”

“Focus on building a sustainable future for yourselves. Throughout my career, whenever I’ve shared the screen with child actors, I’ve always admired the energy and discipline they bring,” he said.

Khushwantsaid: “Two special mentions are in order — the former child actor, Junior Mehmood sir, with whom I had the privilege to share the screen in my first show. He taught me a lot. The other is Hezal Shah; my last show was with her when she was just six. Despite her young age, she was exceptionally good at her craft. She understood the smallest details and delivered performances so beautifully that she didn’t even need glycerine to cry. So, to all the young talents out there, keep up the fantastic work, stay disciplined, and let your passion shine.”

In the show ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se’, Shraddha (played by Shaily Priya) and Kirti (played by Sumati Singh) are about to undergo some major changes. Before the leap, Abhay fell into a coma, and Kirti’s life took a significant turn after she successfully passed her IPS exams, thanks to Shraddha’s encouragement and family support.

Now, after the leap, there will be a bold transformation of Shraddha. She’s shedding her timid, homely persona to stand up for her rights and embrace a more rebellious side. Kirti, once a carefree homemaker, is evolving into an enthusiastic cop, bringing even more energy and support to her sister.

Kushwant as Dr Neeraj is bound to stir up Abhay and Shraddha’s lives.

The show airs on Shemaroo Umang.



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