Kidnapped girl uses GPS to save herself


A 16-year-old girl, who is computer savvy, managed to send her GPS location to her family after she was kidnapped and held captive by car-borne men in the city which helped the police rescue her.

The girl was kidnapped by car-borne men who dragged her inside the vehicle while she was walking, administered some injection after which she lost consciousness and kept her hostage at a house in Mathura Nagar of Rawatpur area on Saturday.

On regaining consciousness, the girl sent her GPS location to her family while informing them about her kidnapping.

Police raided the house and rescued her safely. The accused and his three friends, two of whom are minors, had fled but were later caught by police.

The 16-year-old girl, a resident of Mati, is doing an animation course. The girl’s mother told police that her daughter had come in contact with a teenager on Instagram and he had asked her to meet him at Motijheel but she refused.

The boy, accompanied by two teenage girls, came to meet the girl at her residence and left after staying there for some time.

On Saturday evening, the girl had gone to the computer institute to attend classes and got suspicious when she noticed a white car without a number plate following her.

After some time, the car stopped in front of her and its occupants dragged her inside, gave her some injection and sped away.

On regaining consciousness, she found herself locked in a room. She took out her mobile phone that had been kept in an inner pocket and first sent her GPS location to her mother through WhatsApp and then called her informing what had happened and that she was in trouble.

Her family, relatives and police tracked her location to a house in Mathura Nagar, Rawatpur, and rescued her safely.

The two teenage girls and a boy, Saurabh Sharma a.k.a. Ramji, were later detained by police.

An FIR has been registered against the accused under the relevant IPC sections and the statement of the girl has also been recorded.

ACP Nazirabad Santosh Kumar Singh, said, “The detained girls will be questioned after recording their statements to ascertain the motive behind the kidnapping.”



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