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Kim Cattrall to return to ‘SATC’ spin-off, moves on from Sarah Jessica Parker feud

Actress Kim Cattrall has put aside issues over ‘Sex and the City’ and refuses to be “unhappy” on set.

The 66-year-old actress – who has been embroiled in a feud with former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker for years, was recently revealed to have reprised her role as Samantha Jones for a brief appearance in the second season of spin-off show ‘And Just Like That’ but she explained she makes decisions on her work based on what will be “artistically fulfilling” and make her happy, reports

“I moved on. I think the greatest place to negotiate from, whatever the situation, is from strength and self-knowledge. Also, at this point in my life I don’t want to be on a set and be unhappy.”

“I want it to be on terms that are artistically fulfilling and also that I am happy,” Kim said in an interview given to Sunday Times Style magazine – who noted they were asked not to ask her about the show – before her cameo was announced.

After finishing her work on ‘Sex and the City’, Kim has landed roles in shows including ‘Filthy Rich’, ‘How I Met Your Father’, ‘Sensitive Skin’, and ‘Queer as Folk’, and the actress hopes she’ll no longer be defined by playing Samantha.

Recalling how she recently met a young woman at a cocktail party who told her, “I’m just obsessed with it,” Kim said: “And of course [I thought] she meant ‘Sex and the City’. But she was talking about ‘How I Met Your Father’.” Asked if she thinks Samantha is now just becoming one piece in the jigsaw of her career, she replied, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”

Variety revealed a few days ago that Kim would appear in ‘And Just Like That’, news she later confirmed on Instagram. But according to the outlet, the actress will only appear in one scene and she shot her dialogue in New York City on March 22 without seeing or speaking to any of the rest of the cast or showrunner Michael Patrick King.

In Kim’s cameo, Samantha – who has moved to London – will have a phone conversation with Sarah Jessica’s Carrie Bradshaw after season one saw the characters exchange text messages and make a plan to see one another. While legendary ‘SATC’ costume designer Patricia Field hasn’t been working on ‘And Just Like That’, she dressed Kim for her scene.



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