KIMS Hospital performs robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer

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Hyderabad, Dec 8 (IANS) KIMS Hospitals, the Hyderabad-based multispecialty healthcare chain, said on Thursday that it has conducted a challenging and complex robotic procedure for pancreatic cancer.

The onco-surgeons’ team at KIMS Hospitals, Secunderabad, performed the Whipple proceedure on three patients through a robotic process.

The team was led by Madhu D, Consultant Surgical Oncologist and Minimal Invasive Surgeon and Robotic Surgeon.

Also referred to as pancreaticoduodenum, the proceedure removes the head of the pancreas, where most tumours occur.

Robotic surgery is more advanced than the laparoscopic variant where the surgeon will make small incisions in the abdomen and insert instruments including a camera. In it, the Da Vinci robotic device is used and it moves more precisely and easily than the human hand.

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“The robotic method has advantages over the conventional open surgeries. The advanced procedures have ensured that the patient can be shifted to the room and not ICU, something where the cost factor comes down for the patient’s family,” said Madhu

The first patient aged around 60 years had a big tumour measuring 12 cms x 9 cms and locally advanced. The other two patients, one a 55-year old woman and another a 60-year-old man, had cancer in various stages.

Madhu said that besides being precision-guided and advanced, the procedure reduces the hospital stay and makes way for quicker recovery too.

“It is highly encouraging for surgeons treating a patient in the advanced stage of cancer and removing such a heavy tumour,” he said.

Congratulating the oncology team and the staff, Dr Bhaskar Rao, MD and CEO, KIMS Hospitals, said that it is a matter of pride and sense of accomplishment for KIMS Hospitals to consistently achieve breakthroughs in robotic procedures.

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