Kin of govt doctors who succumbed to Covid yet to get compensation

The Covid-19 pandemic which created havoc across the globe also claimed the lives of several health professionals. According to information received from the state chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) around 100 doctors died due to the virus in Tamil Nadu.

The families of these doctors are yet to be receive the solatium announced by the government.

Nizhal Mozhi, wife of frontline worker, Dr Manimaran, 39, who passed away due to Covid, three months ago while working in Trichy Government hospital, said that she is facing a tough future ahead.

The couple have two school-going children and Nizhal Mozhi said that she is not able to meet her expenses as well as the educational expenses of her two small children.

Speaking to IANS, Nizhal Mozhi said: “We had taken housing loans from the banks, and they are calling on a day-to-day basis. If only the government sanctions the one-time solatium it had announced, then I could at least settle our dues and then keep the balance money for the education of our children.”

The previous AIADMK government had announced a one-time compensation of Rs 50 lakh to the families of the frontline doctors. But only two families received the amount and that too, Rs 25 lakh for each family.

The DMK government after assuming office had announced a solatium of Rs 25 lakh each to the families of the deceased front line doctors but they are yet to provide the compensation.

The IMA has demanded that the solatium amount be raised back to Rs 50 lakh.

State Health Minister Ma Subramanian told IANS: “The government have already directed the health department to speed up the process and almost all the files as per my information is in the final stage and will immediately disburse the amount. The department is following up on the matter.”

Families of late doctors Kalyanaraman and Sugumar have received the solatium amount and the IMA and the Legal coordination committee of government doctors have pressed for the money to be transferred immediately to the families.