Kingston launches ‘KC1000’ SSD in India

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New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) Computer memory products manufacturer Kingston on Tuesday launched the ‘KC1000’, a non-volatile (NVMe) PCIe-based (Peripheral Component Interconnect express) storage drive in India.

KC1000 will be available in select retail and online stores from mid-August at Rs 16,000 for 240GB, Rs 26,000 for 480GB and Rs 51,000 for 960GB capacity.

The NVMe PCIe SSD (solid-state drive) claims to be over two times faster than Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)-based storage drives and over 40 times faster than 7,200 RPM hard-disk drive (HDD).

The storage device delivers up to 290,000 IOPS (Input/Output operations per second) and supports PCIe Gen3 x4 interface.

The device will provide users low-latency performance boost for resource-demanding applications such as high-resolution video editing, data visualisation, gaming and other data intensive workload environments.

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It also provides accelerated boot and load speeds and increases sequential read/write performance with improved endurance and energy efficiency.

Kingston is offering a five-year warranty on the product.



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