Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Kishan Reddy, Bandi Sanjay come together in a show of unity

Amid rumblings in Telangana BJP following change of guard, new state party President G. Kishan Reddy and his predecessor Bandi Sanjay Kumar together appeared before media on Thursday in a show of unity.

Both the leaders denied any differences and vowed to work together to bring BJP to power in the state in the Assembly elections due to be held later this year.

Union Tourism and Culture Minister Kishan Reddy, who was named new state BJP president replacing Bandi Sanjay two days ago, addressed his maiden press conference.

Bandi Sanjay, who earlier arrived from Delhi to a warm welcome by his supporters, joined him to show that the party is united.

Congratulating Kishan Reddy on his appointment as the party President, he said that under Kishan Reddy’s leadership, all will work together to end “the anti-people and corrupt rule of the BRS”.

Bandi Sanjay alleged that a misinformation campaign is being run on social media about him, Kishan Reddy and the party. Both the leaders appealed to BJP workers and people to make the June 8 public meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Warangal a huge success.

Kishan Reddy also alleged that some people were making false propaganda against the BJP to save the BRS.

Dismissing allegations that the BJP has secret understanding with the BRS, he said it was BRS and Congress which had electoral alliances in the past. The two parties entered into agreements and shared power and positions. He said the Congressy, whose leaders won elections on hand symbol but boarded the car (BRS symbol) to become ministers, has no moral right to criticise them.

Describing the Congress and the BRS as the two faces of the same coin, Kishan Reddy said a vote for the BRS will be a vote for the Congress. Alleging that the BRS went back on all promises made to people of Telangana, he claimed that the BJP alone is fighting to fulfill the aspirations of Telangana people.



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