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KL Rahul helps student pursue his higher education

KL Rahul is not just an Indian sports personality but he also has his heart in the right place.

Coming from a small town of Mangalore and understanding the support youngsters need at the start of their career, KL helped a talented young student from Mahalingapura, Karnataka, fulfil his dream of higher education.

KL Rahul came forward to support a student named Amrut Mavinkatti by enrolling him for a B.Com course at Hubballi’s prestigious KLE College.

KL Rahul, who is currently undergoing the recovery phase of his thigh surgery, helped the student in need by sponsoring for his first-year degree, including admission fees, food and books.

Amrut, who is an excellent student with a remarkable academic score of 95% found support in KL during his family’s crucial time.

Despite being a remarkable student, Amrut struggled to aid his higher education owing to the financial instability of his family and approached his friend for help, who connected him with local Hubballi resident and activist Manjunath Hebsur.

As soon as KL heard of Amrut’s story, the ace cricketer stepped forward to help him by providing financial aid, stepping a stone for his bright future.

This is not the first time that the star cricketer has lent support to people in need. He previously extended financial aid during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic proving that he is not just a proficient player on the field but also has a warm-hearted person off-the-field.



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