KMP Expressway largely in darkness despite outlay of crores

The six-lane 135.6 km-long Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway, aimed at decongesting Delhi by providing an alternate route for heavy vehicles like trucks, remains shrouded in darkness most of the time as the solar lights installed on it do not work.

In fact, in the entire stretch from Nuh to Palwal, there is no facility for illumination. This affects those traversing the stretch at night and is a cause of accidents as well as incidents of loot.

The absence of any lighting on the 50-60 km Nuh-Palwal stretch showcases the condition of the project. Also there is no signboard listing numbers of the toll plazas or emergency services.

The various diversions on the KMP Expressway, the ongoing repair work, and the broken-down parts are further examples of its deplorable condition. People use the stretch only when they have no other option and promises that this project would save people of the national capital as well as contiguous Haryana areas from the twin menaces of pollution and traffic jams do not seem to been realised.




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