Know how Delhi Police marked Women’s Day


To recognise and celebrate the achievements of women on the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8), the women staff of Delhi Police were given an array of leading roles on Monday.

Women police personnel were leading from the front in all areas of field policing, inter-alia, managing major traffic intersections, pickets, driving PCR vehicles, attending to help desks at police stations and functioning as Duty Officers and Emergency Officers, holding self defence classes, playing of Women Police Band & Motor and bicycle Patrolling.

To celebrate Women’s Day with larger participation, a number of programmes such as lectures on gender sensitisation, meeting with residents, installing sanitary pad dispensing machines in female washrooms, visiting women among senior citizens, Nukkad Nataks on Good Touch-Bad Touch and display of ‘Jansampark Vahans’ were organised in the run-up to the Women’s Day.

On this occasion, S.N. Shrivastava, Commissioner of Police, Delhi honoured 22 women police personnel for their remarkable efforts beyond the call of duties during the Covid pandemic period, and 15 civilian women from various fields like including medical, those involved in social services, social services, entrepreneurs, good Samaritans, among others, who have made a significant contribution to the society.

To highlight the occasion, nine women who had delivered babies in PCR vans on their way to hospitals were special invitees with their kids to witness the women’s day function. Two policewomen who had helped such a lady with childbirth were also felicitated.

Reiterating Delhi Police’s Zero Tolerance approach towards crime against women, Commissioner S.N. Shrivastatva said that although a lot of progress has been made in achieving gender equality, discrimination is still there in some areas of the society which would also change with time. Last year, the crime against women reduced by 30 per cent in Delhi.