New Delhi, Feb 19 (IANS) A heartwarming video of a Koala, who was rescued from bushfires in Australia is being appreciated on the social media as she returned to the natural habitat.

The clip was shared by a leading media outlet with the caption, “Back Home: Clare the koala, who was rescued from bushfires in Australia, carefully inspected her options before selecting her first tree to climb after being released from a sanctuary over the weekend.”

In the viral video, one can see the koala carefully inspecting her options before selecting a tree to climb after being released from the sanctuary.

As the video went viral, Twitterati flooded the social media with their reactions.

A user wrote, “Absolutely wonderful,their habitat and freedom. Million thanks to all the great humans that made it all possible.”

Another wrote, “I hope there are others in the area. She looks frightened and lonely.”

“They way they walk is adorable” read one post.

A user remarked, “What a fascinating creature.”

The fires, which burned for months, killed at least 33 people, destroyed over 3,000 homes and had a devastating impact on regional economies across Australia, Xinhua news agency reported.

Tens of thousands of koalas are feared dead in the bushfires, which have claimed the lives of more than one billion animals, severely impacting the continent’s biodiversity.




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