Kochi-Muziris Biennale: Aritst Alper Aydin from Tukey depicts political environment

Alper Aydin has come all the way from Turkey to attend the Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022 and has put up an artwork depicting the politics of environment.

The fifth edition of the Kochi Biennale got underway on Monday after a four-year hiatus and will feature over 200 projects of 90 artists.

He feels that his works are expressions of the thought that humans are just a part of biological nature as the 33-year-old believes that there is no better medium to give expression to his ideas than art.

Aydin, who uses various mediums of contemporary art to express his ideas and to relate to the audience, has come out with an installation comprising pencil drawings and plastic paintings at Pepper House in Fort Kochi.

The installation depicts the drawings and paintings of stones in various sizes and weights from his native place, Ordu.

His works go on to contend that humans don’t have any special place or power in nature.

Aydin, whose creativity spans painting, sculpture, illustration, performance, and video segments, has already made a footprint in various international exhibitions, including Biennales, with his works.

The world-renowned artist who has done his studies in ‘earth art’ has a Ph.D. also to his credit.

He served as a professor in the art department for seven years.

Currently, he focuses on environment watch and conservation and the art activities centred on them on the world stage.




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