Friday, July 12, 2024

Kolkata Police seize unaccounted cash, arrest one

Kolkata Police on Tuesday announced that it has seized huge amounts of unaccounted cash and also arrested one person in connection.

The arrested person, identified as Aman Siddique, will be presented at a lower court in Kolkata on Tuesday and the public prosecutor will seek his custody for further interrogation, a city police official said.

Upon receiving information from sources of a possible exchange of the cash at Posta, the trading hub in central Kolkata, plain-clothed personnel reached the spot on Monday night, the police said.

At the spot, they saw Siddique with a huge trolley-bag.

The personnel intercepted him and after opening the trolley-bag they recovered huge Indian currencies worth Rs 56 lakhs.

When questioned about the source of the funds, Siddique was unable to give any satisfactory answer after which he was arrested and the bag seized.

The investigating officials suspect that the cash was meant for some hawala transactions where the arrested person was acting as an agent and carrier.



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