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Krishna Janmabhoomi case: SC to hear plea against Allahabad HC order on Oct 30

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said that it will hear on October 30 the Shahi Eidgah Masjid managing committee’s plea against the Allahabad High Court order transferring to itself a clutch of petitions seeking various reliefs with respect to the dispute.

A Bench comprising Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Sudhanshu Dhulia heard the matter.

The counsel appearing for the mosque committee told the court that both communities have been living in harmony for years but “it’s now that these suits have been filed.”

The mosque is located in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura and the counsel pointed out to the Bench that the distance between Allahabad and Mathura is 600 kms, but from Mathura to Delhi, it’s about a 100 kms.

The mosque committee’s appeal comes on the grounds that it does not have the funds to travel to Allahabad and would prefer the pleas be heard in a place that is closer.

Responding to the petitions, Justice Kaul noted that this is a problem of the Allahabad and Lucknow High Courts. Places proximate to Lucknow still fall within Allahabad’s jurisdiction.

“Unfortunate consequence, but no one wants to make a hard decision there. Let us have the list of suits first. Then we’ll say. First, we need to know what the contours are,” said Justice Kaul.

Justice Kaul further sent a firm reminder to the Registrar of Allahabad High Court to send the required information and documents regarding the Krishna Janmabhoomi-Shahi Eidgah Mosque dispute.

“Office report shows in pursuance to our order dated July 21, 2023 sent to Allahabad HC’s Registrar, no requisite information has been received… A reminder should be sent along with the last order…” said Justice Kaul.

The petitions are related to the Krishna Janmabhoomi dispute. The controversy dates back to Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb’s rule. It is alleged that the mosque in question was built on the order of the Mughal Emperor after demolishing a temple that was built at Lord Krishna’s birthplace.

Earlier in May, the Allahabad High Court transferred to itself all the suits pending before the Mathura court concerning this case.




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