Kristen Stewart cast in Romantic Thriller ‘Love Lies Bleeding’

Oscar nominee Kristen Stewart has been cast in the romantic thriller, ‘Love Lies Bleeding’, which is said to be set in the world of bodybuilding and will be directed by Rose Glass, who is best known for her acclaimed British film, ‘Saint Maud’.

This movie is being backed by A24, which recently released the multiverse action movie, ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’. Along with A24, the movie will be backed by Film4, which is the feature division of UK’s Channel 4.

As exclusively reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the story of the movie is centered around the extreme qualities needed to succeed in the increasingly competitive world of bodybuilding.  The script for the movie has been penned by Weronika Tofilska along with Rose Glass.

Kristen Stewart has been roped in to play the co-lead in the movie, as the protective lover of the female bodybuilder.

As per the company this project is being described as a “romance fuelled by ego, desire and the American dream.”

Andrea Cornwell of Lobo Films and Oliver Kassman of Escape Plan Productions will be producing this along with A24.

The movie will be developed by Film4 along with the filmmakers and it will also be co-financing this project with A24.

The filmmakers are still looking for the lead who they feel can portray the role as authentically as possible. The global release of the movie will be handled by A24.

Rose Glass had directed several short movies before making a splash in the feature area with her 2019 psychological horror, ‘Saint Maud’. The movie won her several awards in Britain as well as a BAFTA nomination.

Kristen Stewart got her first Oscar nomination this year for portraying future Princess of Wales, Diane Spencer in the biopic ‘Spencer’. Before ‘Spencer’ she was seen in the romantic comedy, ‘Happiest Season’.



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