KSCCW turned into ‘body for child trafficking’, alleges Anupama

Anupama S. Chandran who has been in a fight against the Kerala government and the supporting bodies to retrieve her child has charged that the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCW) has turned into a body for child trafficking.

She charged that the General Secretary of the organisation, Shiju Khan, who is a DYFI and CPM leader, has to be expelled and booked with criminal charges for handing over her child “without proper legal procedures”.

Anupama and her husband Ajith have been in a fight against the Kerala government and its bodies to get their child back.

Her (Anupama) parents are being charged for having handed over the child to the KSCCW without getting her consent.

Her father and mother are both CPM leaders and her grandfather, late Peroorkada Sadasivan was a towering state leader of the CPM.

Anupama’s father Jayachandran and mother Smitha were totally against her relationship with Ajith, who was earlier married and several years older than her. Anupama and Ajith were also from different castes.

Anupama became pregnant before the marriage and gave birth to a baby boy and she had complained that the child was removed by her parents and handed over to the KSCCW, which in turn gave the child to an Andhra couple.

She alleged that the child was handed over without conducting any proper legal procedures.

Speaking to media at the state capital, Anupama, a former leader of SFI (Students’ Federation of India) said, “The KSCCW had handed over my child to another couple in Andhra Pradesh without conducting any procedures and even the license given by the State Adoption Regulatory Authority had expired for this government-supported body.”

The child was taken into custody from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh by a team of police officers from Thiruvananthapuram, accompanied by a woman official of the KSCCW.

The child is being brought back to Kerala and a DNA test will be conducted at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology to ascertain the biological parents of the child.

The child will be under the protection of the District Child Protection Officer and under the care of a fit person till the identity of the biological parents is established.



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