K’taka bans all construction activities during weekends

Karnataka Revenue Minister R. Ashoka said on Friday that the state government has decided to impose a ban on all construction activities during the weekends.

“We have banned all civil and all construction work during weekends, till the weekend curfew is in force. As of now, weekend curfew will be in force till May 4,” he said.

With this, Karnataka has virtually decided to impose lockdown during the weekends without using the terminology in its order.

With Karnataka witnessing an exponential surge in Covid cases in the last one month, the state administration is fighting hard to reign in the virus.

The guidelines on night curfew and weekend curfew issued on Wednesday and Thursday had clearly stated that construction activities would be allowed.

Ashoka, who is also the vice-chairman of the Karnataka State Disaster Management Authority, said that no labourer should work during weekends, be it at construction sites or otherwise.

“We have instructed the construction industry to stop its work during weekends. Our new restrictions will be implemented during the weekends,” he said.

He added that none will be allowed to move around anywhere in the state during this period except those who are working in essential services – fire, police, water supply, electricity supply, telecom and patients, while milk booths, meat shops and grocery shops will operate between 6 am and 10 am.

“People can buy their day-to-day requirements from the nearest grocery shops in their locality. No citizen will be allowed to travel beyond his locality. No one will be allowed to enter religious institutions, barring the caretakers of these places,” he told reporters.

The minister asserted that there is no need for people to come out of their house if they have adequate ration.