K’taka BJP hits back at Congress for derogatory remark on RSS

Retaliating strongly to Congress’s derogatory remark against the RSS in Karnataka, the BJP on Monday said that the organisation has given stalwarts like the Prime Minister, President and Vice-President to the country.

India’s Prime Minister, President and Vice-President belong to the RSS. Several chief ministers from across the country have also come from RSS, state Home Minister Araga Jnanendra retorted.

Reacting to Opposition leader Siddaramaiah’s comment, Araga Jnanendra underlined that he himself is an RSS man. “There are lakhs of people like me. Siddaramaiah and Congress party do not have any other issue to rake up. The end days of their organisation and power are nearing. Siddaramaiah is disturbed and issuing reckless statements,” he said.

Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mining Pralhad Joshi too attacked Opposition leader Siddaramaiah for criticising RSS. “Do not become like Rahul Gandhi. Since he spoke whatever came to his mind, today he is in a sorry state,” he said. Siddaramaiah wrongly thinks if he attacks RSS, the high command will make him the Chief Minister, he said.

The Congress on Sunday called RSS a “worthless” organisation. The party had maintained that it is a weak organisation which celebrates the assassination of Mahatma Gandhiji and does not respect the national flag. It is not a patriotic organisation,” the tweet said triggering a controversy.

Siddaramaiah on the other hand had called RSS as an “Aryan” organisation. He challenged the leaders of BJP and RSS to make their stand clear over their loyalty to tricolor or saffron flag, constitution or Manu Smriti and Mahatma Gandhi or Nathuram Godse.




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