K’taka BJP lashes out at Siddaramaiah for ‘Muslim area’ comment

The “Muslim area” comment by opposition leader Siddaramaiah has triggered a debate in Karnataka with the ruling BJP saying the remark will encourage divisive mindsets.

Congress leader Siddaramaiah, while commenting on the stabbing incident reported from Shivamogga district in connection with removing Veer Savarkar’s flex, had said that why was it put up in a Muslim majority area?

BJP’s national general secretary C.T. said on Wednesday, “Siddaramaiah, what do you mean by ‘Muslim area’? By periodically displaying a Jihadi mindset, you are proving to be more dangerous than the Jihadis who kill innocents. I challenge you to a public debate on nationalist Veer Savarkar and tyrant Tipu Sultan.”

“This mindset had led to the Partition of many countries. What is the value of the Constitution of the country? It is not correct to say that the flex should not be installed in Muslim majority areas. The statement of Siddaramaiah is unfortunate,” Ravi added.

Ravi further said that the mindset of Siddaramaiah will encourage those who want to divide this country.

“Does he mean that if it is a Muslim area, should it be allowed to be included in Pakistan? If it is a Muslim area, others should not step in there? He should take back his statement immediately,” he said.

“I don’t know whether Siddaramaiah was in his senses when he made this statement. The mindset of thinking in terms of ‘Muslim’ and ‘Hindu’ had led to the Partition of this country,” he added.




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