K’taka forest deptt launches operation to trap man-eater tiger

The Karnataka forest department has launched an all-out operation to trap man-eater tiger in Veeranahosalli, the village which comes near the Nagarahole National Park following the death of a youth on September 7.

The man-eater tiger had emerged from huge lantana bushes and attacked Ganesh (19), who had gone to attend nature’s call into the forest area. The tiger had dragged his body to 150 metres before going away after mauling his head.

The forest officials are keeping vigil in the area since then and have advised the villagers not to venture into the forest area.

The forest department officials have installed around 70 cameras at various points. As many as 100 officers attached to the forest department in six teams are working day and night to track the man-eater before it strikes again. The villagers have been warned not to enter forest areas of 6 to 7 kilometres.

Forest Conservator Chetan said the first two days they did not get any clues about the man-eater. Afterwards, its movement was seen in two CCTV cameras. An injury was found on the back of the man-eater. Along with it, three other tigers were also found in the same place. Hence, officers with expertise and knowledge of wildlife have been roped in for the operation, he said.

Meanwhile, miscreants burgled four CCTV cameras installed to track the movement of the man-eater tiger. Though there are restrictions in place, the villagers are venturing into forest areas. Another youth was caught with the deer meat, the forest officer said.

The incident of the man-eater attacking a cow and goat four days ago had been reported from Kikkerikatte, which is over a kilometre away from where the youth was mauled to death. The forest department has launched a combing operation in the forest area with the tamed elephants from Saturday.