K’taka govt calls meeting on payment of Rs 2,500 cr dues to sugarcane farmers

The Karnataka government is all set to convene a meeting of sugar factory owners on Wednesday to set a deadline and issue a strict warning to them to ensure payment of nearly Rs 2,500 crore dues to sugarcane farmers.

Textiles and Sugarcane Minister, Shankar Patil Munenakoppa made the announcement on Tuesday about convening the meeting to look into the issue of payment of dues to sugarcane farmers.

The minister said this year witnessed a record in the grinding of sugarcane.

All owners of co-operative factories would be invited to the meeting on Wednesday.

“We will get the data about pending dues. The government will take a decision as per the rules and regulations,” Shankar Patil added.

Asked about farmers allegedly not being paid nearly Rs 600 crore by a factory owned by former BJP Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, he said “It is not important who owns the factory. I have taken the initiative in 2021 and ensured that sugarcane farmers are paid their dues. The sugarcane farmers will receive their dues this year as well.”

Sources say that the BJP-led Karnataka government has decided to issue a final warning to the sugar factory owners over the payment of dues.

The Karnataka government would discuss setting a deadline for the payment to sugarcane farmers.

If the management of sugar factories does not release payments by the deadline, the government will send notices and take further action.




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